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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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This chapter in Proverbs was written by King Lemuel of Massa who tells us what his mother taught him about a good son and a virtuous wife.  The word virtuous means "morally excellent." It's interesting, because I describe my wife the same way. When we were in school, she was part of a small off-campus ministry, like I was, that dedicated its time to Christ, to service, unity, and equality. Virtuous was the name she selected for this ministry and she lived up to it.

In my early college years I was afraid of the idea of marriage.  Some called marriage "a life sentence." My mother talked to me about marriage and wanted me to marry a virtuous woman.  Even though I agreed with what she said, the idea was just frightening. How could imperfection like me marry perfection?  The concept of marriage was too hard for me to rightly understand and caused me to venture into what I call a series of unstable courtships.

A virtuous woman would both attract me and scare me at the same time, because her morality would challenge my moral manhood, I thought.  But my wife of seven weeks (yes I am a newlywed) changed that concept in three ways.

She showed me her worth. Diamonds are highly sought after jewels and even just a tiny fragment of one can be worth a fortune. Her ability to hold strong to what is right showed me her value as a girlfriend, then wife, and potential mother.

She was genuine in her ways. When she wasn't interested in me, she showed it. She didn't return my calls, send messages, or mail of any kind.  When she did become interested in me, she showed it.  Late night walks, email messages, and trips to my campus cafe job.

She longed for God's favor. She was and still is a powerful woman of prayer. She loved God and I could see that in her smile, walk, and commitment to Christian worship services. This caused me to fall in love with her and with God's plan to create woman as man's companion.

“Dear God, thank You for a virtuous woman.  What an example she is and what influence she has on her husband, family, and other believers.  Bless all such women and keep them ever close to You.  Amen.”

Elroy Byam
Production Assistant
Hope Channel, Inc.