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Sunday, February 2, 2014

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My husband is a collector of things connected to important people. For example, in an old green hatbox sits a basketball, shielded from light and the touch of others.  It’s autographed by Michael Jordan the famous basketball player.  On a shelf, high above the average person’s reach is a faded hardcover copy of the first edition of a book also autographed. 

Each of these things is a great conversation starter which includes a memorable family trip or even how a certain item was secured.  However, none of these items bring us any closer to or give us any access to the important people to whom each treasure is connected.  I doubt if important people will ever come to help us or do us any favors.

Proverbs 29 also says, “Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that one gets justice” (The Message).  In our small world of collectables, this verse makes a whole lot of sense. No matter how tangible or valuable the collectors item, it does not give me access to the person. It does not build a special relationship between them and me. All I have is an object that has their signature.

How different from a life sealed by God’s stamp of ownership!  My audience, my time with God, gets me more than a God-autographed life.  When he places His seal on me, I am His.  My life becomes His life, I have complete, uninhibited access to God’s throne.  And with such access, my relationship with Him is as close and as personal as a relationship can possibly be.  I have access to his love and justice, the assurance that no matter what, He has welcomed me back into His family.

“Dear God, how great You are.  How small and insignificant I am in comparison to Your universe.  Yet you loved me, gave Your Son to die for me, and has placed Your seal on me to be Yours forever. I give myself to You. Through the Holy Spirit, please help me never to leave You or forsake You until I see You face to face and am home with You forever.  Amen.”

Fylvia Fowler Kline
Director of Marketing
Hope Channel, Inc.