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Friday, January 31, 2014

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It’s noteworthy that when Solomon asked for wisdom and not riches, that God gave him wisdom and riches (2 Chronicles 1:10-12). Rightly using the material possessions we have requires wisdom. Jesus Himself says wealth alone is dangerous (Matthew 19:24). Scripture is clear that godly wisdom protects those who have possessions from imprudent behavior (Proverbs 1:7).

Unfortunately, King Solomon was a man like us. He had a free-will and the ability to do as he chose. From his life story we learn that, despite his great start with God, he had great weaknesses and eventually fell from the high place of leadership upon which God had placed him, corrupting his heart by intermarrying with those who did not know the Lord (1 Kings 11:1-3).

Solomon actually had two experiences with wisdom -- the first as a godly gift, and the second from the “school of hard experiences,” learning from the consequences of his poor decisions. It is this second wisdom that pervades Proverbs. This is a book written by a man who speaks not so much as one supernaturally gifted with wisdom by God, but also later in life as one knowing the heartache, and the agony of foolish decisions.

However, lest we feel compelled to point a judgmental finger towards Solomon, he is not unique. We do the same, foolishly going against our God-given wisdom and experiencing the consequences. As with Solomon, confidence in our own wisdom is dangerous to our spirituality and leads us in directions away from God.

From the sum of his life experience, Solomon comes to understand that universal human weakness only causes harm. We simply cannot rely on our own senses. It is on this revelation, Proverbs 27 begins: “Never brag about the day to come, because you don't know what it might bring.”

“Heavenly Father, I need your help.  Not only give me wisdom but give me insight how to use it.  I don’t want to use it foolishly and bring dishonor to Your name and also hurt others.  Amen.” 

Joe Sloan
Director of Cable and Distribution
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