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Sunday, August 19, 2012

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The divine organization of Israel illustrates a lot about God’s attitude toward worship and work. The Book of Numbers is a wonderful picture of God from an unusual point of view. We think of God as Redeemer and Lord, and of course that He is. But through the experience in the wilderness, we also see God as Artist, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Human Resources.


These aspects of God make us appreciate Him more. God knows how to guide men in making a lamp of hammered work from a complex design and how to prepare priests for service in his tabernacle. He knows how to protect his children from His flaming presence and how to put people to work without asking them to do too much. There is no doubt that God is love.


It is fascinating that the LORD chose so many Levites for what was essentially a simple job of caring for and moving a small tabernacle. They were never going to resent His service. He was even unwilling to place a full load of work on any man over age 50 but after that age have them help only as they could.  Truly, God wants His yoke to be easy and His burden is light.


Mark Sheffield

Southern Adventist University