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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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God didn’t need Balaam to bless His people. Even if God had not intervened to stop him but allowed Balaam the freedom to utter his curses against Israel, they would have been powerless against God’s people. God chose to work through Balaam, not only to bless Israel but, if possible, to save him, and as a testimony to Balak the pagan king and his nation. What love and what mercy!


The favor of God manifested toward Israel was to be an assurance of His protective care for His obedient and faithful children throughout the ages. If and when Satan should inspire evil men to conspire against God’s people, this very occurrence would be remembered and would strengthen their courage and faith in God. Balaam prophesied that Israel’s king would be greater than any king of the Amalekites, who were at this time a very powerful nation. He also used the most beautiful, poetic language to describe the future of God’s people. Before he could be stopped, Balaam uttered a beautiful prophecy about the Messiah and the final destruction of Moab.


Balak was filled with fear and rage, indignant at how things had turned out. Then Balaam returned home with disappointed hopes of wealth and promotion, in disfavor with the king, and aware that he had incurred the displeasure of God. The Spirit of God had finally left him to his greed.


If we don’t stand for what we believe, we will fall for whatever temptation comes our way. We can’t serve two masters and hope to succeed in this life and be fitted for eternity.


Nancy Costa

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