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Monday, September 3, 2012

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The Israelites had no idea what was happening so close to them. The top officials of the Moabite nation had conspired with Balaam, the sorcerer, to curse them. How little the people understood God’s constant care for them. God’s great love and mercy are constantly exerted on our behalf, and our hearts would be filled with love and gratitude if we would discern this as we should.


Those who are under God’s protection are immune to sorcery and witchcraft. There is no place for superstition in the heart of a Christian, and a curse will be meaningless when pronounced against a child of God. Balaam knew this, but he also had some knowledge of the sacrificial offerings of the Hebrews, and hoped that by surpassing them in costly gifts, he might secure the favor of God and be successful in his sinful plan.


God again condescended to show Balaam in prophetic vision not only the future of Israel but the final reward of all those who follow Him throughout the ages. What a privilege, and what mercy! If Balaam had accepted the light that God had given him, he would have severed all ties with Moab and returned home in repentance. But he loved the riches offered, and determined to secure them.


This is a warning for us today. We may be serving the Lord, but if there is a sin or harmful habit that we are cherishing and are unwilling to give up, Satan has found an entry into our heart.


Nancy Costa

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