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Monday, August 13, 2012

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The LORD already knew the number of fighting men in Israel. The numbering of Israel was for Israel’s sake, not God’s. In fact, the entire organizational structure described in Numbers 2 was for the benefit of the people. They needed to see God’s purposes and character. The people were part of a divine plan.  God did not need 603, 550 fighting men. God was not interested in maximizing the number of soldiers. If He were, He would not have separated the Levites out from the people to serve in the tabernacle.

Imagine being an Israelite child or an old man. From your observation of the order of march created by God, you would realize not only the tremendous size of the army of the Lord, but you would learn that you, individually, had a particular place among the people. Think of the excitement and the feeling of participation! Though not a soldier, not one of the 603,550, in heart you were on the move with God. God knows how to win, and He knows how to make his children feel victorious as well. Thank God for the victory He shares with all His people!


Mark Sheffield

Southern Adventist University