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Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Here God is giving very specific instructions to the Israelites about the difference between clean and unclean.  Jesus told us how to apply this to modern life in Mark 9:45: whatever tends to separate us from God, we should remove from our lives.


A person who became ceremonially unclean had to be separate for a time.  That pause for reflection is important, especially today with so much confusion in our modern lives.  If we discover that something in our life doesn’t measure up to God’s standard, it’s time to step back and reexamine our situation. Perhaps we need to remove what is bad in our life.  Or it may be that we must turn our path away from something that is separating us from God.


Fortunately, we have help. Professional athletes have personal trainers creating individualized programs to bring out their best performance.  The Holy Spirit is the ultimate personal trainer.  He knows exactly what we should do next on the path to the Kingdom.  All we have to do is separate our attention from the world, look for guidance in God’s word, and listen.


The passage ends with a warning: If a person fails to purify themselves, they will be cut off from Israel.  If we to don’t turn back to God when we have allowed worldly influences to separate us from Him, the result will be certain disaster.


John Beckett
Professor of Computing
Southern Adventist University