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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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There is as surely a place for us to serve God as there was for the priests and Levites.  Our desire should be finding that place and pursuing the tasks He has given us.  It was important that Aaron and his family take their place as priests immediately, for God spoke to them directly.  With us the process may be more gradual.  It is not the greatness of the work we do so much as it is the spirit in which we do what we can.  As we learn more about God’s will for us and apply what we know and have learned,  He is able to guide us farther along the road to His kingdom. 


One of the blessings God gives to all of us is the privilege of generosity.  His plan to support the Levites by tithes allowed the Lord to bless the whole nation of Israel.   But the Levites were not exempt from returning a tithe from their income to the priests.


The other lesson we see in this chapter is that we may not select our gifts to God, whether it be which animals or which produce from our garden to give to the Lord, but we should give Him the best of what we have.  Also our time with Him should not be the left-over moments after we have done the many things we must do each day.   It should be the best part of our day.  But what about those other things we must accomplish? In Matthew 6:33 Jesus says:  Look first to the kingdom of heaven, that is, your relationship with Him, and all these other things will be given to us.


The same principle applies to our money.  Time and again His followers have seen that if we put Him first, the remainder goes further.  But if we take care of other obligations first, there is likely to be little left for God.


John Beckett
Professor of Computing
Southern Adventist University