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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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God mercifully gave Israel another evidence of his will, to correct their perverted judgment. They were still convinced that Moses and Aaron had “killed the people of the Lord.”


God commanded that each tribe take a rod, and write on it the name of the house of their fathers. The rods were then left in the presence of the Lord. Then God worked a miracle which was sufficient to silence the complaints of the Israelites, and which was to be a standing testimony on whom God had placed the priesthood. All the remarkable changes in the rod occurred in one night, to convince them that God had positively distinguished between Aaron and the rest of the children of Israel.


After this miracle of divine power, the authority of the priesthood was no longer called in question. This wonderful rod was preserved to be frequently shown to the people to remind them of the past, and to prevent them from murmuring, and again questioning to whom the priesthood rightfully belonged. After the children of Israel saw their past rebellion in its true light, they were terrified. “Behold we die, we perish; we all perish.” They were finally compelled to accept the unwelcome truth that their fate was to die in the wilderness. After they realized that indeed it was the Lord who had said they should not enter the promised land, they then acknowledged that they had sinned against the God of Israel by rebelling against the authority of Moses and Aaron.


It is always difficult to undeceive those who have permitted themselves to be led into rebellion, as it was to convince the rebellious Israelites that they were wrong, and Moses and Aaron were right, even after the earth swallowed up Korah and his company.


E.G. White mentions this incident, stating that the story of Korah’s rebellion is “recorded for a warning to God’s people, especially those who live upon the earth near the close of time…God in His mercy, condescended to perform a miracle with the rod of Aaron to settle their mind forever in regard to the priesthood.” (Spiritual Gifts, Vol 4A, pp. 35-38).


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