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Friday, August 24, 2012

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The twelve men who were sent to spy out the land of Canaan all saw and experienced the same things, yet two had a completely different report from the rest. Their report had more to do with who they were—and in whom they trusted—than with what they had seen.


Joshua and Caleb never lost focus of their mission, and they never forgot the past—the astounding way God had led them from abject slavery in Egypt to the very doors of the Promised Land.


It took courage to disagree with ten unified reports. The temptation to be a team player is always strong in the human heart—after all, isn’t unity a good thing? Unity is good, but never unity in error, and never unity at the expense of truth.


The ten spies presented both a thrilling and an alarming report of a land of plenty and of giants who lived there. They held their audience spellbound and terrified. When Joshua and Caleb gave their report of courage and faith, the ten spies felt their report was being challenged, and immediately responded by painting a darker picture than before (“we are like grasshoppers before these giants”), exaggerating the difficulties to ensure that their report was believed over the report of the two faithful spies. Once they had accepted the negative report and entered upon a wrong course, they stubbornly set themselves against Joshua and Caleb, against Moses, and against God.


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