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Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Do you ever wonder if it is really possible for God to bring the plan of salvation to a close? God’s Church is often weak and sometimes the challenges seem overwhelming. The Book of Numbers, supposedly filled with dry lists and regulations, is actually an exciting adventure story demonstrating the amazing capabilities of God. Think of the circumstances for a moment. The children of Israel were only one year removed from slavery in Egypt. Acting on God’s explicit directions, Moses’ first duty had been to create a worship system that foreshadowed sacred events ending with the final disposition of sin. Once the Israelites recognized the LORD and His holy character through the tabernacle system, and saw that He knows the end from the beginning, the LORD began the process of forging them into an unbreakable weapon. Moses’ second step, noted in the Book of Numbers, was accounting for every available fighting man. After careful investigation into exactly whom was able to fight, it was discovered that there were precisely 603, 550 soldiers. Was this number too few or too many? Neither. It was the number available, and with that number God would fight.


Mark Sheffield

Southern Adventist University