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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Yes, in worshipping there is room for fasting, confessing our sins, and for humbling ourselves before this Great God of ours.  Not only was it so for the people in Nehemiah’s day but it is so for us today as we serve and worship the God of heaven and earth. This is the result of the Word of God upon the human heart.

Confessing of our sins and humbling ourselves is an outcome of those whose hearts are returning to God.  Evidence of reformation and revival are seen in the outward acts of God’s people.  It calls for separation from those things that hinder our worship of God.  It means returning to God and doing His will, which may call for radical changes in one’s life.  Making a covenant with God always includes a decision to obey Him.

Worshipping God can be very active!  In Nehemiah we read of people assembling together “fasting, in sackcloth and with dust on their heads” (verse 1), and crying out to God in “a loud voice” (verse 4).  In the previous chapter we read of people saying “Amen! Amen! while lifting up their hands” and of “bowing their heads with faces to the ground as they worshipped God (Nehemiah 8:6). 

While the enemy, Satan, can make people overdo things, there is room for active worship as long as the center of that worship is God.

“Oh Lord, help us to always worship You and in spirit and in truth.  Amen.”

Pardon Mwanza
General Vice President
General Conference