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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Nehemiah records how the people assembled in the seventh month and asked Ezra, the priest, to read the Word of God to them, which he did.  He read it from morning until noon.  Then he praised the Lord, the great God, and all the people responded, “Amen and Amen!”  


The study of the Word of God always precedes reformation and revival.  Always!  It is when people hear the will of God through the written word that their hearts are pierced and they desire a change of heart and mind.  If the word of God was read more often and taught more often to people, there would come a reformation and revival such as the world had never witnessed.  It is because the word of God is neglected that we see so little reformation and revival.


As people read the word of God new discoveries of the things they are supposed to engage in for God’s glory will be revealed to them.  It was thus that these “Word-Seeking” people rediscovered the importance of the feasts of the seventh month.


People wept.  They grieved and mourned.  When God’s word is heard, it causes those who hear to sorrow over their departure from His will and the Holy Spirit creates a craving for what is righteous.  The result is the turning to God – the doing of His will.  When people start living a life of loyalty to God, God gives them great gladness of heart.


“Oh God of Abraham, Father help us to read your Word so that we may experience a revival.”


Pardon Mwanza
General Vice President
General Conference