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Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Courage to deal with hard situations for the glory of God is required of God’s leaders if true reformation is to take place.  Nehemiah was a courageous leader, one who was able to face very tough situations. 


Generally in life the wealthy rule and control affairs.  They are powerful because they have money.  The poor in Nehemiah’s time had mortgaged their land, children and all they had to the wealthy fellow Jews in order to buy grain.  Nehemiah appealed to the wealthy (nobles) to give them back their fields and houses and require no interest on any loans they gave the poor as the Word of the Lord through Moses had said.  And the nobles agreed.


A good leader leads by example.  While Nehemiah had the right to apply the same policies that earlier governors had applied in the past of getting taxes from the people, he chose not to because the burden was too much on the poor.  Instead, Nehemiah even set an example by inviting to his table many Jews to eat with him at his table.  He did this because the demand was too heavy on the people.


“Lord God of heaven, raise up leaders in these last days who will call sin by its right name and lead your people by example.”


Pardon Mwanza
General Vice President
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