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Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Important themes surface in this chapter.  As the book of Moses is read, “new truths” were discovered.  They discovered that no Ammonite or Moabite should ever be admitted into the Assembly of God. 


Present truth is not motionless.  Present truth is dynamic.  Present truth is always new and continues unchanged through the ages.  For Martin Luther the Reformer in the 15th Century, “present truth” was based on the authority of Scripture and how salvation is by faith alone in Christ Jesus.  “Present truth” for our Adventist pioneers included among other things the Sanctuary doctrine, the Sabbath, and the second coming of Jesus. 


If God’s people would continue studying and praying for light, God will continue revealing to His people more light from Scripture.  The Bible is like a gold mine and only those who tarry long at it and dig deeper will continue to hear the truth from God.  The key is that all truth is Scriptural based.


Nehemiah’s spiritual leadership is demonstrated by his leading God’s people to reform in three major areas: (1) Supporting God’s work through tithing, (2) Proper observance of the Sabbath, (3) Commitment not to marry foreign women.  Great leaders will always lead God’s people into a reformation that leads to loyalty to God’s will. 


“Heavenly Father, send us leaders at every level of this church – leaders that will bring about a revival and reformation.”


Pardon Mwanza
General Vice President
General Conference