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Sunday, October 5, 2014

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Like the proud Ashurbanipal and Sennacherib, numbers of arrogant leaders have asserted that their kingdom would last forever.  Nebuchadnezzar made himself to be the “head of gold.”  Hitler declared his Third Reich would last a thousand years, but it barely lasted a thousand days and wrought untold misery and death on the world.  Khrushchev promised to “bury Christianity” but is himself buried instead in a rather common grave. 

Nahum’s prophecies about the destruction of Assyrian power and Nineveh could have a secondary application describing the end of all earthly kingdoms, cities and wealth. They will lie “empty, and void and wasted” (Nahum 2:10) during the millennial period following the Second Coming of Christ. 

 How easily men trust in alliances, military might and wealth for security. Yet, in all this, they exhibit a sense of insecurity and erect towers of Babel for safety, ignoring the One who gave them the intellect and strength to accomplish great things (Deuteronomy 8:11-20).  When men rely on achievements, false gods, governments, military strength, riches or technology for “peace and safety”, rather than the Lord, beware: “sudden destruction comes… and they shall not escape” (I Thessalonians 5:3). 

Certain peace (security) originates with the Lord and comes from knowing and trusting the Creator.  He has our best interest at heart.  When we “cast all our care upon Him, He cares for us” (I Peter 5:7).


Gary Councell
Chaplain (Colonel) U.S. Army Retired
Gen. Conf. Chaplaincy Ministries Dept.