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Monday, December 8, 2014

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Mark’s account differs from the other three gospels.  His entire focus is upon the power of God. In the mind of Mark, the best way to demonstrate God’s mighty power is to show what He is capable of doing. Hence, the pages are full of mighty works—miracles—eclipsing the number of miracles recorded by other writers. 


The miracles in Mark are full of encounters with the Devil. You may think me a little strange for saying this, but that’s why I love Mark.  And this chapter illustrates my point.


Descending the slopes of the mountain where Peter, James, and John had just been treated to a picture of a “mini-second-coming,” Jesus discovered a distraught father. This man had come seeking a demonstration of God’s power on behalf of his demon-possessed son.


The disciples, who had lingered at the base of the mountain, were not up to the task. Now the father’s need is channeled toward Jesus in this doubtful question, “If You can do anything have compassion on us and help us.” Jesus turned the question from the father’s desire for an outward display of power to Jesus’ summons for internal faith.  Faith and surrender must precede power!


Jesus sought to draw the father into an eternal relationship with Deity, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (verse 29).  The father’s response was immediate as he cried out, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” 


This is the perfect prayer!  It is from a heart—sincere, broken, and desperate. I would suggest to you that it is the prayer for you and me. We often come to God seeking blessings and not relationship. God is inviting us to enter into an experiential relationship with Himself and with it will come the power.  God is seeking a people to whom He can entrust the mighty power of the Latter Rain.  He will not give it to anyone who is not fully surrendered to Him—are you?


Why do I like the book of Mark and the many recorded encounters with Satan?  It’s simple— it illustrates that fact that God never loses!  I have read my Bible from cover to cover and God always overcomes the Devil! No matter what trials are occurring in your life at this very moment, cry out to God—seek Him with all of your heart, surrender  your all, and He will answer you with power.


Jim Ayer
Vice President
Adventist World Radio
General Conference