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Friday, August 10, 2012

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God’s plan of salvation was provided in the form of a covenant in which God elaborated all the details. Repeatedly, throughout the covenant God said, “I will be their God, and they will be my people.” However, it was conditional on man’s response. If a man received it and chose to make God his Lord, God would respond by pouring out His covenant blessings. If a man did not accept the covenant, the covenant curses would apply to him.


God, in His mercy, did not design the curses to be retributive, a sort of punishment, but were designed to be redemptive, urging the people to wake up and perceive their need for the Lord. Although God always uses the gentlest hand possible, the curses did become heavier each time. Ultimately the people of Israel were forced into exile by a foreign country.  But when they repented, God restored them and brought them back home.


What a wonderful, gracious God we have. He seeks to save us by every means possible. He gives us blessings of all kinds, and would gladly give us more if we could handle them. If we fall into sin and reject Him, but later repent, He will always accept us back graciously and restore His blessings.


Dean Davis

Atlantic Union College