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Monday, August 6, 2012

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In this chapter, we are reminded again that the priest could not approach God in any state of
uncleanness. They were not to mix the holy service with anything profane. If they did so, they would cut
themselves off from God and even risk death!
While Israel was pointed to Christ by types and shadows, today we are pointed to what Christ did for
us on Calvary (Heb 10:9,10). However, since the laws of ancient Israel are no longer binding in the
physical sense, today it’s easy to forget how significant these laws were.
In ancient Israel, coming to God with pure hands and a pure heart was so important even for the
common people that if they began to pray and remembered they had a grudge against someone,
they were first to forgive that person, otherwise God could not hear and forgive them (Mark 11:25).
If someone wanted to bring a gift to the altar and they remembered that their brother had a grudge
against them, they were first to go and be reconciled with their brother before they came and offered
their offering (Matt 5:23,24).
However, it seems that often times the Israelites put the “form” before the “heart reform.” (How often
have we done the same?) They thought if they gave the offering, it was good enough. But God said “No!
Your obedience is more important than your sacrifice.” (I Sam 15:22). Sin cannot exist in the presence
of God! It separates us from God. It holds back the Holy Spirit. It corrupts the service we render. As it
tells us in Isaiah 59:2, sin keeps God from hearing us. But worst of all, as long as we hold on to sin, He
cannot save us!
Let us not profane the worship due our God with a mere “form of godliness” any longer. Let’s put
aside all pretense, and all that which is profane, and let us ask Him to reform our hearts today that the
blessing of His Holy Spirit may truly fall upon us!

Melodious Echo Mason

Director of Programming, ARME Bible Camp Ministries