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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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While it might be tempting to gloss over this chapter, with its account of circumcision, one can find yet another abundant feast of divine blessings. But I focus on only one of the many I found.

Many that we might term “enemies” parade around with a bold façade, hoping to intimidate or bully others. But deep within they carry fear in their hearts, recognizing that God stands up for His chosen ones. It may well be that the “Gilgal” monuments we establish as reminders to ourselves are seen by our “enemies” who tremble before the God who goes both before and behind us to protect and defend us.

Arguably most noteworthy, while the enemies of Israel cowered before the God of heaven, the children of Israel didn’t always realize this. Neither do we realize to what degree others might be reticent to do us harm, recognizing that our God is a mighty Fortress.

Willie Edward Hucks II
Associate Ministerial Secretary
General Conference