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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Each one of us needs a Gilgal. In fact we need periodic “Gilgals” – those places in our lives where we establish reminders and pause to reflect upon what God has done for us in times past, how He delivered us through various waters of trial, affliction, and other troubles.

Such “Gilgals” serve at least two purposes: (1) When we are tempted to wonder where God is, or when we face challenges that we don’t know how to handle, we can reflect upon what He did in the past, resting assured that He can and will bless again; and (2) these memorials serve as a witness to others who face their own challenges. They can also take courage in knowing that the God who blessed you stands ready to bless them in His own special way.

Willie Edward Hucks II

Associate Ministerial Secretary
General Conference