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Friday, November 9, 2012

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Cities of Refuge

The six cities of Refuge that are mentioned in this chapter were chosen to provide safety for one who might accidentally have killed his neighbor.  There were three such cities on the west side of the Jordan River, and three on the east side.  They were so arranged that they could be reached from any point in the country within a half day.  Roads were kept clear, and directional signs were maintained.  The “avenger of blood” was considered any near relative of the victim who might want to take revenge.


Anyone seeking entrance to a city of refuge had to stand trial to have the judges to decide whether the death was manslaughter or first-degree murder.  If the killing was unintentional, he was allowed to stay in the city and be protected as long as he stayed inside the city limits.  He must live there until the death of the current high priest.


Those cities of refuge pointed to our great Refuge, Jesus Christ.  If we have sinned (and no one can say that he or she has not), we can rush to Jesus by faith and we shall be safe as long as we remain with Him.

Ralph Neall
Retired Professor and Missionary