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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Joshua’s Enouragement

The beginning of this chapter opens with Machir, the son of Manasseh, who had five daughters but no sons.  This meant that they could inherit their father’s property on the condition that they married within their tribe, which they did.  Therefore according to what the Lord commanded Moses, Elieazar, the priest gave them their inheritance.


The other sons of Manasseh had been given the land of Gilead, but they did not drive out the inhabitants of the cities and the Canaanites continued to live in there.  When the descendants of Manasseh got stronger, instead of driving out the Canaanites, covetousness took over, and they decided to let them stay and require them to pay taxes.  The Manassehites were more interested in money than obeying the Lord and doing what was right.


Then the descendants of Joseph asked for more land and Joshua encouraged them to push on into the hill country, and clear the land.  They hesitated and said, “But the Canaanites live there and they have iron chariots.”  Joshua responded, “You’re a strong people and need more land, so the mountain area is yours, and even though the Canaanites have iron chariots, with the Lord’s help, you can drive them out.


It is too often the case that God’s people today look at the task that needs to be done, such as taking the gospel to the world, and hesitate to move forward in faith, knowing that the Holy Spirit will open the way and create opportunities for this last message to overcome every obstacle and penetrate everywhere.


Ralph Neall
Retired Professor and Missionary