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Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Joshua and the heads of tribes divided the land by lot as the Lord had instructed Moses— nine and a half tribes were West of Jordan and two and half tribes East of Jordan. Caleb reminded Joshua that 45 years ago the two of them had followed the Lord and had stood up against the ten spies and all these years the Lord had kept them alive. He had waited all this time for God’s promise to be fulfilled for Israel to inherit the land.

Then Caleb, a member of the tribe of Judah, requested Hebron for his inheritance. This was the place where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived for awhile years before, and which was the seat of the Anakim, the giants that had so terrified the Israelites when they first approached Canaan. Although Caleb was 85 years old he was still healthy and strong. Because of his age and experience he did not take advantage of the respect people gave him for his own selfish advantage. His faith was just what it was when he had stood up against the discouraging report of the ten spies. Caleb did not settle down to enjoy his inheritance, but the brave old warrior was determined to give the people an example that would honor God and encourage the tribes to go forward in faith to subdue the rest of the land for the benefit of Israel and the glory of God (PP 512, 513).

So often it seems that the wait to experience the reality of postponed dreams is eternal. But God’s anointed promises never go unfulfilled even though we must wait for His timing.

Willie Edward Hucks II
Associate Ministerial Secretary
General Conference