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Friday, November 2, 2012

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Joshua served as a valiant warrior for many years, both under Moses and as chief leader of Israel. And the Lord said to him: “You are old, advanced in years, and there remains very much land yet to be possessed.” Then the Lord lists the territory still to be taken.

No doubt that Joshua’s strenuous life as leader and warrior and the last years of the conquest of Canaan had aged him. Most likely his energies were failing and he was glad to hear that God had called a halt in the war, asked him to divide the land among the tribes to let them complete the task, each within their territory. As God’s true servant, Joshua had been willing to be spent for the Lord. At this time he was about 92 years old and was relieved to give the responsibility to the tribes. He lived another 18 years and died “when he was one hundred and ten years old” (Judges 2:8). It is important to understand the distinction between the work done by Joshua and the work left for Israel to do (SDABC, Vol. 2, p. 240).

As in the case of Joshua, it does us well to remember that there was a work left for Israel to do. God never allows one person in leadership to accomplish the total task because it could lead him or her to believe that they gained success by their own strength. This is also true in our spiritual life. All spiritual victories and other accomplishments are through team effort, through the Holy Spirit and our cooperation.

Willie Edward Hucks II

Associate Ministerial Secretary
General Conference