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Thursday, November 1, 2012

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In this chapter we have a summary of all the accomplishments of the people of Israel, first under Moses and then under Joshua. For all the heroic exploits of Joshua a reminder jumps out at us that he was not the only warrior God used to bring His people victory. Before there was Joshua, there was Moses.

Not only does this chapter describe the kings defeated and the territory taken, but in this list we can see the end of those also who resisted God and fought against Israel. The path of obedience was not always easy. It meant going forward in spite of great obstacles knowing that hesitancy would mean failure and loss. But at this time Israel’s history was marked by patient and steadfast endurance. On the other hand, the Canaanites hardened themselves against God’s revelation of Himself through Israel and said, “Who is lord over us?” and fought to the bitter end, and were without God and hope (SDABC, Vol. 2, 236).

It always does us well to remember that the success of Israel did not belong to them but to God, just as our successes do not belong to us but rather to God and also are built upon the backs and shoulders of those who preceded us. And those who succeed us may do even greater things for the Lord than we have done.

Willie Edward Hucks II

Associate Ministerial Secretary
General Conference