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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Have you ever thought that being a prophet was a good career? The Word of God that a prophet is directed to deliver is forceful and cuts across the unrepentant heart of people. It draws reactions that strike terror to the prophet’s heart. Jeremiah pays a price for his obedience to God’s direction.

This passage shows the chief governor of the Sanctuary striking the prophet when he hears of the message of judgment. Instead of taking the message to heart, he draws back his fist and hits Jeremiah! Then he arrests him and places him bound in prison.

God’s spokesmen, the prophets, have always been the focal point of the anger of sinful people. But the record shines with the stories of faithfulness under extreme hardship, persecution and even death as God’s chosen spokesmen (or women) fulfill their destiny. The voice of God cannot be silenced even when sinful people refuse to hear His words. Truth will prevail!

But in the midst of crisis, everyone has their moments, even Jeremiah. I can only imagine the intensity of what he was going through. He reminds God that this was not his choice and it is so bad that he determines to shut his mouth. But the voice of God cannot be silenced even by the prophet but it must be heard. The Words of God held back by Jeremiah became as a burning fire in his bones and came spilling out. And notice that mingled with the pain and frustration from the prophet’s lips came praises to God! Though it gets so bad that he curses the day he was born, he remains faithful.

“These examples of human steadfastness . . . testify to the power of faith to withstand the powers of the world. It is the work of faith to rest in God in the darkest hour, . . .” AA 575.

I take courage that in the days ahead, as well as now, those who read “Revived By His Word” will demonstrate absolute loyalty and fidelity to our God under the most difficult of circumstances.

“O God, through the power of Your promised Holy Spirit, increase my faith that I may honor and glorify Your name always. Amen.”

Dan Houghton 
Hart Research Center