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Monday, May 19, 2014

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As I walked into a studio in the Art Department at Andrews University one afternoon, I saw my friend Jim Twedell sitting at a pottery wheel.  It was spinning and Jim’s talented and experienced hands were forming a bowl. Just the right amount of water was being added to the process and it was an unforgettable experience to watch the water spray and parts of the clay fall away as the wheel was spinning and a bowl emerged. Later, I saw it finished and it was beautiful. I’ll never forget the creativity of seeing a chunk of clay turned into a beautiful bowl! But I also watched him working with some clay that didn’t respond so easily the first time. He stopped the wheel, took the partially formed clay, and with his hands, formed it back into a chunk, placed it back on the wheel, and started over!

Somehow, the special people of God in Jeremiah’s day had things turned around. Though they were the creation of the master Potter, they wanted to tell Him how things were and be what He did not intend them to be. They wanted to do the work of the potter instead of being the vessel the Potter had originally created!

God sent a strong message to His people through Jeremiah. He reminds them that He is the Potter and has the right and the capability to discard the clay or to make it into something different from what it is.

The message is: Turn from your evil ways and survive. Continue on the track you are on and the results will be disastrous! God is pleading with His people! They reject His appeal.  Then comes the question: Can you believe what My people are doing? They have forgotten their Creator and worship worthless idols. They are causing themselves to stumble! They leave Me no remedy. I will have to turn My back on them.

If you had to deliver such pointed messages from God to a rebellious people, would it be safe? The people were sick of hearing Jeremiah prophesy against them and their way of life. They laid a plot to first attack him with their tongues and make the Words of God he was delivering to them of no effect. Then they devised a scheme to take his life.

Jeremiah’s message had a distinctive prophetic ring to it, there was no doubt that it was from God.  But it has always been the plan of the evil one to diminish and make of no effect the Word of God.  And when the intent of the heart is evil, we will deeply resent having pointed out to us that we are wrong.  We will even try to kill the messenger to get rid of the message.  How terrible!

You and I need to be wide awake and take God’s message to heart!

“Dear Father,
Mold and make me into a vessel that will bring honor to You as the Master Potter. I yield myself to be remolded by Your Hands. Amen.”


Dan Houghton 
Hart Research Center