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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Thirty-two thousand soldiers were called but only three hundred were ready to respond.  Fear alone reduced the army by 22,000.  So what about the 10,000?  They were given a simple test.  It says that 9,700 soldiers got down on their knees to drink from the stream instead of cupping the water in their hands and bringing it up to their mouths so they could keep their eyes on the movements of their enemies.  Three hundred men did that and they were the ones whom God chose to go with Gideon.  Such a simple test—a test they didn’t expect.

All 32,000 that first responded were supposedly fearless. Were some physically unfit for battle?  Did they secretly doubt God’s ability or willingness to deliver Israel?  Were they dragging their feet because they really didn’t trust God and what He had promised to Gideon?  When the 10,000 had been given a second option to leave and also go back home, they decided to stay with Gideon, but why did they fail the simple test of how to drink water when thirsty?  What was uppermost in their minds?    

What about us?  What is our most urgent concern?  The here and now or our connection with Jesus?  The great final conflict of earth is just before us.   Many are invited, few will be ready.  Will you?

Brennon Kirstein, Chaplain

Southern Adventist University