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Saturday, November 17, 2012

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By the time we come to Judges 4, God has used at least 3 different heathen enemies to discipline Israel, each round of disobedience resulting in incrementally increasing lengths of oppression:  Cushites, 8 yrs; Eglon, 18 yrs; and Jabin, 27 yrs. In deliverance, we also see a pattern of God using the unlikely:  a left-handed Benjamite, Ehud; Shamgar using an oxgoad to kill 600 Philistines; and a housewife, Jael (not Barak the military commander nor any of his 10,000), honored by name for delivering Israel from Sisera.  Amid the variety of instruments God uses, weakness appears to be the common denominator, the marked feature by which God’s greatest results are accomplished.  

Are you weak today?  Has your own disobedience crushed you spiritually?  Do not be discouraged.  Not only does God discipline those He loves, but He delights in setting them free.  Will you give God your weakness?  He has plans to not only deliver you, but also to empower you to deliver others.


Brennon Kirstein, Chaplain

Southern Adventist University