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Friday, November 16, 2012

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Judges 3 is a reminder of the complex, all-reaching sovereignty of God.   In this chapter, we see a God who does not sit idly by, uninterested, uninvolved, and passively disinterested in the decisions of His people.  He does not simply allow the cause and effect of Israel’s decisions to run their natural course.  Instead, we see a God who is actively engaged in both the discipline and deliverance of His people.  In addition to raising up unlikely deliverers like Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar, it is God who is the active agent in disciplining Israel by “selling” them into the hands of the Cushites.  God actively strengthens the hand of Eglon after Israel again does evil in the sight of the Lord.  

To realize that God intentionally strengthened these enemies of His people for the ultimate purpose of reuniting this wayward nation to Himself reminds me of how “un-boxable” our God is.  We can’t put Him in a box and restrict what He can or can’t do.  Strange, unthinkable acts are being shown here as perfectly in keeping with His purposes and ways.  Reading these accounts, I am called again to a quiet awe and trustful submission to One whose strategies and doings are beyond me.  How is God at work in your life today?  Could it be that He is testing, disciplining or delivering you in ways you don’t understand at the moment?  Do you trust Him anyway?


Brennon Kirstein, Chaplain

Southern Adventist University