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Friday, November 23, 2012

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In this chapter we find that the Israelites worshiped idols;  when oppressed by their enemies they cried to the Lord for help (v. 15), and when the oppression stopped they went back to worshiping idols.  It is very easy to judge the Israelites and say, “How did they keep on doing this when they had such repeated examples of God’s presence and salvation?”


Yet, we do this ourselves.  How often God helps us out of a difficult situation and we turn right back to our same vices.  All of us have pitfalls, or idols, that we go to instead of going to God for comfort, rest, and energy we need to carry on our work.  But, God wants to do more for us than that.  He wants to change our lives.  He is not interested in false repentance where we only come to Him because we don’t want to deal with the consequences of our actions.  He wants to give us new hearts and new lives as well as the other things we need.


God has opportunities of spiritual growth and adventures of faith for you and me just waiting on the horizon.  But you can’t discover it until with true repentance you leave behind the idols in your life.  What holds you back from fully surrendering to God today? It grieves Him to be separated from you and having to hold back all He wants to do for you when He has so much more to give. Trust in Him and see His mighty hand at work in your life.


Brandy Kirstein

Southern Adventist University