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Thursday, June 11, 2015

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In the near future the citizens of the world who are doing well will be weeping because of the troubles coming on them. If we find ourselves having achieved financial success through selfish means, our money and all the land we possess will become worthless. Our expensive clothes will be destroyed by moths and our horded coins will rust away.

We need to pay attention to how we treat others. Some of us don’t even pay a proper wage to those who work for us. They cry out to God in despair at the injustice they endure. God has heard their cries. We live as if there were no consequences to the choices we are making. Life is so short, we may be here one day and gone the next.

Are we experiencing a lot of suffering?  Are there troubles at every turn we make in life’s journey?  We need to take our problems to our heavenly Father.  He will give us the strength to carry on.  He will help us make it through the hardships of life.  On the other hand, if all is well with us, let us rejoice in God’s favor and blessings in our life.

Remember that we are to confess our sins only to God and admit our “mistakes” to others. We need to pray for each other, and if God in His great mercy chooses to heal us He will. The consistent and heartfelt prayers of the righteous have a tremendous power with the Lord. The collective prayers of His people for those in need make a great impression on God. 

If one of us brings someone back to God, we have saved that person from eternal death and have led him into a better way of life.  His sins will be thrown into the depths of the sea never to be revealed.  Life eternal will be his.  The joyous result of all this is that the Lord chose us to play a part in bringing a “prodigal son or daughter” home to the loving arms of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Robin Pratt

Child and Family Studies

Carolina Conference

United States