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Monday, June 8, 2015

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James is reminding us not to take on the name of Jesus Christ, while at the same time showing favoritism toward some people over others.  If a person comes to an assembly well dressed, yet another comes dressed in simple clothing, and we greet the wealthier person with great respect offering him a better seat, while virtually ignoring the poorly dressed person, how can we live with ourselves?

Let us live according to Scriptures: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  If we do this we can be confident that we are living the law of love, the Christ-like life. If we are treating others as inferiors and with bias or prejudice simply because of their heritage or status, it is evident that we are living in opposition to the law of love. We may think that we are in harmony with the law while breaking just one simple commandment, but this is foolish. If you tear or stain one part of a garment, the whole garment is ruined. So it is with the commandments.

We need to behave as one who has been released from prison. Let us shout for joy! We have been purchased by Christ Himself through His death on the cross. His death has freed us and taken us out of the Devil’s clutches. Praise the Lord!

One day very soon probation will close. God’s grace will have reached its limit. Do we realize that grace is like a present opportunity, but it does have an expiration date? Eventually mercy has its end. To those who have shown mercy to others, to them God will show mercy.  

Example: When disaster strikes and those in need come to you and your community for help but all you say is “Don’t worry, I will pray for you, go in peace,” and we do nothing, what good are words?  Unfortunately, such empty words show that we don’t really know Christ.

God is compassionate.  His love is action.  It is a living, moving, reality. It lives and breathes relationship. If we call ourselves Christians, we are called to be God’s hands and feet to the world.  Jesus practiced what He preached. Will we?

Robin Pratt

Child and Family Studies

Carolina Conference

United States