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Sunday, June 7, 2015

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James, a half-brother of Jesus and a strong leader in the church (Gal. 1:18,19) is writing to God’s people spread throughout the nations of the world. He calls them “friends” and encourages them in their walk with Christ as they let God work out His good in their life.  He tells them that they can grow spiritually by continually exercising the faith they currently have in God.  And what he said to them applies to us today.

How do you exercise faith?  It is by daily, weekly and yearly relying on God to help you through the storms that come along life’s journey. Each time we survive and endure a trial it makes our faith stronger, bringing us closer to God. As our faith grows stronger, we will be better prepared for future challenges that are sure to come. 

We should never blame God for allowing temptation and trial to come to us. God does not inflict anxiety, pain, or suffering on people just to see if a person is loyal. The temptations we face often come from an un-consecrated heart. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally we give in to them, taking us further down the path that leads away from our loving Lord.

Don’t be misled by those who say that all you have to do is to know God’s word to be saved. The Devil has seen, heard, and known Christ, the “Word,” personally (John 1:1-3). We must not only know but experience a relationship with the Lord and live out His will for our life. 

The Ten Commandments were given to man as a mirror of his spiritual condition.  If he does not look in that mirror he cannot know what he really looks like, or what his spiritual condition is. God’s law reflects areas in our life that need washing (cleaning up) in the blood of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us.  When we do this, we are letting His commandments do their work. As we see our need and make known our desire to be clean, God will bless, enable, and uphold us as we make a daily choice to do His will. 


Robin Pratt 

Child and Family Studies 

Carolina Conference 

United States