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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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We chose to name our son Andrew after the disciple that told his brother where to find Jesus, the Messiah (John 1:40-42).  We named our oldest daughter Susanna after one of the “many” who helped provide food for Jesus and His disciples (Luke 8:3).  We named our third child Rebekah Joy.  Joy, because she was a delightful surprise to us in our late 30s.  Rebekah, because we have always considered our own marriage as much a miracle as finding Rebekah was an answer to the prayer of Abraham’s servant (Genesis 24). 

Isaiah was born to Amoz (Isa.1:1, 2 Ki.19:2). We don’t know Isaiah’s mother’s name. However, we can be sure his Hebrew parents were well aware of the meaning of his name, “Yahweh saves.”  All we know about Isaiah’s wife is that she is called “the prophetess” (v.2).  The name of their first son was Shear-jashub (7:3), meaning “a remnant will return.”  The name of their second son was Maher-shalal-hash-baz (8:1), meaning that the Assyrians would come and plunder Israel and Syria for opposing him (v. 4).

This chapter also contains some promises. “God is with us” (v. 10).  For those who trust in the Lord, He will be “a sanctuary” but for those who do not trust Him, He will be like a stumbling stone (v.14). Those who “wait upon the Lord” will eagerly “look for him” (v.17).  But those who have not dedicated their heart exclusively to the lordship of Christ have eyes that are vulnerable to being seduced by “familiar spirits” (v.19); ears that listen to a lot of failed predictions; and emotions that are not grounded in Bible truths.  The Bible makes it clear that the dead know nothing (Eccl.9:5-6).  Isaiah 8:20 emphasizes the importance of trusting implicitly in God’s promises. They are worth memorizing.

Prayer:  “Help us to obey You and to find our confidence and our strength in You, so that we will be worthy to be called by your name.  Revive us by Your Word, please, and change us as we keep our eyes on You. Amen.”

Lloyd and Sheila Schomburg
Pastoral couple
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference