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Sunday, March 2, 2014

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King Uzziah became proud of his accomplishments and confident that he was accountable to no one.  One day he presumptuously entered the Temple and performed the ministry assigned exclusively to priests.  When rebuked by the priests, the king got angry.  Immediately he was struck with leprosy (II Chron. 26:16-21). 

In contrast to king Uzziah, we see the prophet Isaiah standing in the shaded porch of the Temple, feeling unworthy to enter. How could he be sure that God was calling him to warn proud, obstinate and presumptuous leaders like the king?  Such boldness was dangerous.  As these thoughts swirled in his head, Isaiah is taken off in vision and it seems like the Temple walls are lifted.  But, what he sees is more than the Most Holy place of the earthly temple.  He beholds the very throne room of heaven where the King of kings is surrounded by choirs of heavenly beings singing “Holy, holy, holy” (v.3). 

Convicted of his own unworthiness, and the iniquity of his people, Isaiah cries “Woe is me.”  He wonders how he could possibly survive after seeing the King of the universe, the “Lord of hosts” (v.5).  Then an angel brings a coal from the altar and Isaiah is assured that his sin is purged.  He hears the question, “Who will go?”  And his response, “Here am I, send me” (v.8).

During Isaiah’s 60 years of ministry, when he met with opposition, trials and persecution, all he needed to remember was this vision.  He had seen the heavenly King!  Now we see Him only by faith but someday—face to face.

There have been times when, like Isaiah, we too have felt unworthy.  Have you ever felt like a failure in the area of soul winning, or in parenting, marriage counseling, and peace-making…?  Then, through a million ways, that only God has, a Bible promise, or a word of encouragement, or some act of kindness was shown to you, and again you were made courageous to say, “Here am I, send me”? 

Prayer: “Forgive and revive us, Lord, so others will see us as encouragers, graciously patient, lovers of Jesus, gratefully keeping Your commandments.  You alone are worthy.  By faith our eyes are fixed on You, our soon-coming King of kings. Amen.”

Lloyd and Sheila Schomburg
Pastoral couple
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference