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Friday, March 28, 2014

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Isaiah starts with his Messianic description of Christ as King who will reign righteously. Christ said that the faithful will be like kings and thus Isaiah saw them after the Second Coming of Christ as “men who will lead unto justice” (v. 1). The Syriac translation says, “like rulers in a court they shall rule.” Paul says that the righteous will judge the world and even angels (see 1 Cor. 6:2,3).

At that glorious post-Advent time the blind are seeing, the deaf are hearing (v. 3), the mind of the hasty will discern truth (v. 4), and the tongue of the stammerers will speak clearly (v. 4b). Isaiah saw total perfection. At the end of time there will be a change. The fool will be called noble (v.5a), and the violent will be called generous (v.5b). In vv. 6 and 7 Isaiah defines an unconverted fool as someone who practices ungodliness (6c), who speaks error against the Lord (v. 6c); who speaks nonsense (v. 6a).  He  inclines his heart to wickedness (v. 6b), and  destroys others by lying (v. 7c). But the righteous devise noble plans (v. 8a) and by these noble plans they stand (v. 8b).

At the end of the Loadicea condition of the church there is a call for the sleeping Ten Virgins of Jesus parable to wake up: “Women who are at ease, who are complacent, are to rise up.” They are to “hear” His voice (v. 9b). Isaiah repeats it twice (v. 9c). Then from vv.11- 14, Isaiah expands on the situation. The remnant will be asked to leave the cities at this time “Come out of her My people so that you do not receive of her plaques.” Then in v. 15 Isaiah speaks about the outpouring of the Spirit and the wilderness will become a fruitful field.  

In Joel 2:28 it says, “I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind” and whoever call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered. It is the final call. The Remnant swells by increasing numbers. What was lost in the Laodicean Period will be made up at this time with a large surplus addition (v. 16a). Now Isaiah is back where he started his description in verse 1: “the work of Righteousness will be peace” (v. 17a). The King will reign righteously” (v. 1). Isaiah saw “a peaceful habitation” which is Zion and New Jerusalem. The faithful will dwell “in secure dwellings and in undisturbed resting places” (v. 18).

In verse 19 Isaiah goes back to how the cities were desolate and destroyed after the remnant left answering the call “Come out of her My people” for the plaques will fall on the earth. John in Revelation speaks of huge hail stones and the cities will be utterly laid low (Revelation 16:21). In contrast, the righteous will be in heaven and they and the animals and the animals will walk freely for there will be no wars and no thieves there (v. 20).

Dear God,
We want to live in spiritual security and we wish to grow in your grace. And when the last rain of the Spirit is poured out, we wish to remain in the Spirit and not forsake Him.  Amen.

Koot van Wyk
Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea