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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Isaiah was shown the result of Judah’s lack of trusting in God.  Alliances with heathen nations failed to prevent repeated invasions that took captive or killed the elders and princes (vs.2-3).  This left the nation to be ruled by undisciplined young men who found sport in oppressing the poor (vs.4-5).  In a court scene the Lord rises in judgment against not only these men that unashamedly sin openly (v.9), but also against their degenerate wives, the “daughters of Zion” (v.16), who are vain, dress proudly, and walk with heads held high.   

Praise God that Isaiah was also shown that the “righteous” (v.10), the people who trust in God, will be blessed and “eat the fruit of their doings.”  In Matthew 5:16 Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” 

How important is the discipline of Christian education and character development?  God’s servant to His end-time people says:  “No truth does the Bible more clearly teach than that what we do is the result of what we are. To a great degree the experiences of life are the fruition of our own thoughts and deeds” (Education, p.146).

Thank God for youth ministries such as NAPS, GYC, student missionaries, literature evangelism, and youth camps.  We thank God for having had the privilege to attend Seventh-day Adventist church schools from the first grade through college, for the Christian friends we made, the curriculum, music, entertainment, and the mission we enjoyed.  We praise God for the godly influence of teachers who pointed us to Jesus.  And, best of all, we are thankful for 37 years of happy marriage. 

Isaiah might ask men and women today:  Are there areas in your life that may be leading you away from the simple adornment of character that God wants to grow in you? (1 Pet.3:3-4) Will you trust God with all your heart? 

Join us in prayer, “Lord Jesus, may Your Spirit guide me in what I watch, listen to, eat, wear, and all that I do.  May others see Jesus in me. Amen.”

Lloyd & Sheila Schomburg
Pastoral couple
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference