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Friday, March 21, 2014

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Isaiah is not finished with speaking about the End of Time. He ended with Satan and the host of heaven and rulers of the earth “gathered together” who will be “confined in that prison” of circumstances for a millennium “and after many days they will be punished” which will be the Executive Judgment of God and they will be destroyed (24:22a-d). Then the Lord “will reign on Mount Zion” (24:25b).


Isaiah is so excited that he opens chapter 25 with a thanksgiving of praise. He tells God how impressed he is with His plans which are from long ago (v. 1d). Isaiah saw that the cities of the world were turned into heaps (v. 2a); fortified cities into ruins (v. 2b); palaces were no more (v. 2c); and he saw that they “will never be rebuilt” (v. 2d).


But a strong people will glorify the Lord during the time of the Latter Rain and ruthless nations will acknowledge and worship the Lord (v. 3a-b). During the Time of Trouble of Daniel 12:1, God will be a “defense for His people in distress” (v. 4a). He will be a “refuge from the storm” and a “shade from the heat” (v. 4c). The Lord will subdue the ruthless ones and the song of the ruthless will be silenced (v. 5a-b). The banquet of the Lord will be in Zion for the saved (v. 6a). For “all the peoples” (the saved) God will prepare this banquet. Isaiah saw there will be good things at this banquet, including wine (pure grape juice) from the Creator (v. 25:6).


 It is the Resurrection spoken of by Daniel (12:1-2). The arrival of the Resurrected ones on the heavenly Mountain of Zion at the New Jerusalem means that death is destroyed “He will swallow up death for all time” (v. 8a). With the saved now in heaven, they will look around for their loved ones, and if some are not there, during the millennium they will find out why. Then the Lord God will wipe all tears away from their eyes” (Revelation 21:4). The book of Revelation also says (3:21) that those who are saved “I will grant to sit down with Me on My throne.”


No earthly king allows his people to sit with him/her on the throne. But before this banquet, Jesus will come and “remove the reproach of His people from all the earth” (v. 8). At that time, the saved will say: “Behold this is our God for Whom we have waited and He will save us” (v. 9a-b). “This is the Lord for whom we have waited” (v. 9c). They rejoice in His salvation (v. 9d).


The Hand of the Lord will rest on this Mountain (also called Mount Zion by other prophets). Isaiah looked around and the nation of Moab was strong in his days and he said that even though Moab is strong, what his audience is seeing will not last long (v. 10b). The Lord will lay low Moab’s pride and bring to an end the trickery of his hands spread out to do evil as a swimmer spreads out his hands to swim (v. 11a). The high fortifications of the walls of the cities of Moab will be “cast to the ground, even to the dust” (v. 12b). Evil in all its forms will in that day be “laid low” when Jesus comes. Isaiah has Lucifer and his followers in mind as well. They all will be no more.  


Dear God,
Isaiah makes us long for Your rescue and Your transfer for us to share in the beautiful banquet of Mount Zion. Grant that we will be part of that great event. Amen.


Koot van Wyk
Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea