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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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When a wayward child returns home, what happens to the home? Celebration!  Similarly, when God saw the work His people did, He said to them, “I am happy. I am with you! I am happy not because what you have done is perfect, or that it is faultless. But I am happy because you have given your hearts back to me.” 

“Look at the new Temple, God says, Can it be compared to its first glory?” “No,” the people answered. But the Lord said to them, “I am with you,” therefore, be strong...and work.” Why? The answer is simple. All silver and gold belongs to Him. All God needs from us today is total surrender of our hearts and minds to Him. Our prayer should be: “Lord, please polish us in your own way.”

When the people obeyed the Lord and did what He asked them to do, He revealed His secret and promised that, in a little while, the Desire of all Nations shall come to fill the glory of this Temple and it shall surpass its former glory. Hallelujah!

As a people waiting for the Desire of all Nations, let us willingly give our hearts to God.  Let us climb the mountains to bring the wood to build the temple. This is not about lip service.  It is about action as we remember the warning of Matthew 15:9 not to worship Him merely by mouth, but also with our hearts.

If we take this challenge and completely give our hearts to the Lord, then in the last days when the Lord overthrows the kingdoms of this world, the strengths of these kingdoms, and the chariots and their riders, then the Lord will say, I will take you and make you my signet(signature) ring. 

“Dear Lord Jesus, we surrender our hearts to you as you have shown us in your word. Accept us and let Jesus, the Desire of all Nations mold us and cover us with His robe of righteousness, so today and evermore, you will overthrow the kingdoms and the chariots of the enemy and their riders and make us your signature ring.”

Emmanuel S. D. Manu
Treasurer, West-Central Africa Division