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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Think of what it must have been like in the ark during those stormy forty days and forty nights. As the thunder crashed, the lightening flashed and huge waves pummeled the ark, Noah and his family must have experienced heart pounding, stomach wrenching fear. Yet in spite of their anxiety they rested by faith in God’s protecting hand.  With calm assurance they trusted in the midst of the storm. They knew that God had not forgotten them. They were confident that His watchful eye was on them as the ark was tossed upon the stormy billows.


The first four words of Genesis 8 ring with assurance. “Then God remembered Noah.”(Verse 1) In the storms of life God does not forget us. In the trials of life we are not left alone. In life’s greatest challenges, we are not cosmic orphans. In the difficulties of life, He is there.  The same God who led Noah and his family into the ark protected them while they were there and led them out into a bright new future. When we accept God’s Word by faith, obey His commands, and do His will, He too will lead us into a future filled with hope.


- Mark Finley