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Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Genesis 6 records the story of the worldwide flood. Suppose you were Noah. What confidence it must have taken in God to begin building the ark against overwhelming odds. Noah not only began, he persisted for one hundred and twenty years building the ark. Think of the ridicule he endured. It had never rained before. Was this man crazy? The size of the undertaking was remarkable. The ark was about 450 feet long, about 75 feet wide and about 45 feet high. Here we have a vessel that is the size of one and a half of an American football field. What a task to cut the lumber and hoist it into position on this massive boat. Yet scripture says, “Thus Noah did according to all that God commanded Him....” (Genesis 6:22) What faith. What courage. I pray God that we too have the faith and courage to do what God commands in all aspects of our lives too.


There is another aspect of this story that is extremely significant. God declares that He will “establish His Covenant” with His people. God’s Covenant is His promise of His faithfulness and salvation. In the midst of the storm, God prepared an ark of safety. Jesus is our shelter in times of storm, our ark of safety, our refuge in times of trouble. What incredible good news- God’s Covenant is His eternal guarantee of our security in the ark of His grace. 


- Mark Finley