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Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Genealogies may not be the most interesting chapters in the Bible but they are filled with spiritual insights for the diligent student of scripture. One obvious fact in Genesis 5 is that Adam’s descendants lived long ages. It was common for these patriarchs to live for nine hundred years. Today if someone lives to one hundred we celebrate it as a grand achievement but Adam lived to 930, his son Seth lived to 912, and Methuselah to 969. This reveals a vital truth about God. Our Creator designed human beings to live forever. He created us with a certain vital force which even centuries after sin remained. What a mighty God He is.


Here is another spiritual gem from Genesis 5. Enoch lived sixty five years and he and his wife had a baby boy who they named Methuselah. The Bible then explicitly states, “After he begot Methuselah, he (Enoch) walked with God...” (Genesis 5:22)


Enoch’s love for his child revealed God’s deep love from him. It is through the deep bonds that bind us together with those we love that God’s love is fully revealed.


What spiritual gems do you find in this chapter? Why not share them with others on our blog?


- Mark Finley