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Friday, June 1, 2012

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This sounds like the Exodus in reverse. Jacob and his extended family pack up all their belongings and start on the long road to Egypt, the same road Abraham and also Joseph had traveled before them long ago. But before the patriarch crosses the border into Egypt, he stops once more in the southernmost Canaanite city of Beersheba to reassure himself of God’s guidance. The Lord affirms Jacob on the road that leads him away from the Promised Land into a temporary exile in Egypt, but at the same time God makes it quite clear that there will be a return from that exile and that Egypt is only a stepping stone towards the preservation of Israel’s existence and a fertile ground to turn it into a nation.


Are you part of the Adventist movement? Moving from here to there, going from everywhere to everywhere, sometimes to other cities and countries, and sometimes across oceans. Maybe you have gone with just a suitcase or a whole container carrying your belongings into the mission territories of this planet, knowing well that we are always only traveling through and that there will eventually be another Exodus. But wherever you are, one thing is certain – the Exodus will come, when Christ will lead us all on cloudlike chariots to the Promised Land. Until then, let’s bear our testimony to all the “Egyptians” amongst whom God has placed us to and be ready for the final Exodus.


Martin Klingbeil

Professor of Biblical Studies and Archaeology

Southern Adventist University