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Friday, April 20, 2012

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Genesis 4 depicts the dreadful consequences of uncontrolled anger. Cain’s unbridled emotions led him to kill his brother Abel. There are serious consequences when our emotions are out of control. Cain left his home, and wandered as a “fugitive and vagabond.” His life was changed in an instant. Poor choices, uncontrolled emotions and negative attitudes produce devastating consequences. Good choices, emotions under control, and positive emotions result in positive consequences. A life under the control of God’s Spirit is prepared to face any circumstance life presents with an attitude of calm assurance in God’s overriding purpose.


One of the more fascinating questions asked in this Biblical narrative is asked by Cain. He queries, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Where our decisions impact others, the answer is a resounding, “yes.” Although we are not responsible for the choices “our brother” makes, we are responsible for the choices we make which influence the lives of those around us. This should give us pause as we consider the influence of our actions and attitudes.


- Mark Finley