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Thursday, May 10, 2012

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If you’ve ever faced a difficult decision and needed to know God’s will, then today’s chapter is especially relevant. As you read through the story of Eliezer, notice his radical dependence on God as well as the following principles for discerning God’s leading. Stay in God’s already revealed will. When Abraham asks Eliezer to find a wife for Isaac, he tells him to not look for a Canaanite (v.3).  In order for God’s promise to Abraham to be fulfilled, Isaac needed a wife. But instead of trying to fix things, Abraham is willing to trust God (v. 8).  Bathe your quest in prayer. Notice Eliezer constant dependence on God to lead him (vv.12, 26, 42, 48, 52) and how Isaac spent this time of waiting (v. 63).


Look for signs of God’s providence. Eliezer prayed for a sign that would show Him God’s will (v.14). However, notice that this was not a sign of circumstance but a sign of character. He did not ask that she be wearing a certain color of dress (circumstance) but that she be willing to show hospitality (character). Watering ten camels would have been no small feat!  Notice how carefully Eliezer watches her (v.21) and then asks discerning questions (v. 23) before her final display of hospitality convinces him of God’s leading (v. 25).  Both Isaac and Rebekah were willing to listen to the counsel of their parents and spiritual leaders (v. 28, 58).  However, as difficult as it may be when we are convinced of God’s will, we cannot force God’s leading on another person and we may have to allow God to lead in another way (vv. 8, 41, 57). Do not delay when God’s will is clear.  In what ways have you seen God’s leading in your life and decision making?  What has been your experience?


Alan Parker

Professor, Southern Adventist University