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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Sarai clearly did not believe that Abram was too old to have children when she suggested that he take her Egyptian maid Hagar to help fulfill God’s covenant promise.  What was she thinking?  What was Abram thinking?  Where did Hagar enter the picture?  (See Gen 12:14-16.)  This is the model of faith?  Notice how they begin to play the blame game.  Notice how the family dynamics change.  What happens when we depart from God’s plan and begin to do things our own way?  Is this a recoverable situation?  How long will the results of this decision last?  Are we still experiencing the consequences today?  Are there some lessons to be learned here?


Hagar did not ask to get into this situation.  She was just an Egyptian servant, doing what was expected of her, but she played up her role, despised her mistress, and there were consequences for her.  What did she learn from Abram and Sarai about their God?  Was this a positive witness?  What did she learn from God about Himself?  What did she learn from God about her own responsibilities?  What promise did God make to her regarding her son, despite the awkward circumstances of his birth?  How has this promise been fulfilled?  Did it change anything about the original promise of God to Abram?  Was Abram still a party to God’s covenant?


Edwin Reynolds

Professor, Southern Adventist University