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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Genealogies are often difficult to read and more difficult to understand. Nevertheless they play an important role in our understanding of the Bible story. They show the continuity of families, reveal the migration of peoples, provide bridges between significant Biblical events, and enable us to discern more clearly the interrelationship of Bible characters.


In Genesis 10 Noah’s three sons and their families settle in three distinctly different areas. The sons of Ham reside in Northeastern Africa and Palestine, The descendents of Shem migrate to Mesopotamia and Southwest Arabia and the families of Japheth journey to Asia Minor(modern Turkey) and Western Europe.  They were separated according to their “language, families and nations.” Obviously differences eventually arose among the sons of Noah. These differences led them to move in different directions. There are times in life when moving in a different direction is far better than remaining and waging war. There is another vital spiritual lesson here. Noah’s faithfulness to God and his stalwart obedience did not guarantee the faithfulness of his own sons. Just as Noah had to make a decided choice to serve God so did his sons. Share any spiritual lessons you see in this challenging chapter.


- Mark Finley